for employers and organizations

  • Independent investigations, including harassment and sexual misconduct claims
  • ​Employment agreements, including non-compete agreements
  • Discrimination claims and investigations, including Title VI & Title VII matters
  • Employment litigation and arbitration
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) matters
  • Responsible use and retention of employee information
  • Federal & state law compliance, including Family and Medical Leave Act and leave issues
  • Employee relations, including performance evaluations
  • Wage & hour issues, including overtime and benefits​

data Privacy

for companies, educational institutions, and health care organizations

  • Data incident evaluation and response
  • Responsible collection and use of company and client personal information
  • Creative & responsible use of social media and mobile platforms
  • ​HIPAA compliance and training​​
  • Privacy assessment, training and best practices
  • Legal and industry standards compliance
  • Massachusetts Data Protection Law & regulations (201 CMR 17)
  • Written Information Security Program (WISP) development
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Faulkner Legal 



  • Vendor agreements
  • Intellectual property ownership and license agreements
  • Government grants and sponsored research agreements and compliance
  • Business disputes

Faulkner Legal covers the areas of employment, education, and privacy of personal information.  These issues affect each of us, and how we live our lives.  Proactive investigation of employee or student concerns can address potential misconduct in a timely way.  Planning and strategy supports organizations and their community members to explore opportunities and maximize potential.  We also handle business agreements.  


For Colleges & universities, K-12 institutions,

& organizations which support educational initiatives

  • Student and faculty claims
  • Independent investigations​, including but not limited to Title IX claims
  • Disability accommodations and access
  • Diversity initiatives
  • ​Copyright and trademark questions
  • Curriculum development agreements
  • Online learning programs
  • Structuring fellowships and internships
  • Special education
  • Faculty and student recruitment
  • STEM education programs